smartEducation Foundations

Participants will learn simple mindful awareness and compassion practices for managing stress and promoting wellbeing in their lives, both personally and professionally.

This 15-hour workshop will provide valuable information about how mindfulness- and compassion-based approaches can help teachers manage the stressful demands of the classroom, cultivate an exceptional learning environment, and revitalize teaching and learning.

The workshop draws upon basic and applied research in the fields of mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology and education.

Who Should Attend
Educators and those interested in becoming a SMART facilitator. The program is a requirement of the UBC facilitator certification process for SMART Facilitators.

Timing: Three days, 15 hours total

Workshop Components
•  Mental Health Strategy in Ontario and the focus on Wellness for Educators
•  Mindfulness and Neuroscience
•  The Physiology and Neurobiology of Stress
•  Emotional Literacy
•  The Relationship between Health, Happiness and Well-Being
•  Mindfulness and its Application in Education
•  Learning Outcomes

The participants will be able to:
• Define mindfulness in education
• Describe the background, themes, session overview and variations in delivery methods for SMART and certificate requirements for teaching SMART.
• Practice Mindful Communication.
• Describe how stress affects the brain and learning.

SMART Facilitation Mentorship

Novice SMART facilitators often require ongoing mentorship for issues that arise during the SMART group process. In addition, they may have questions or want help around being a facilitator and some common challenges.

Mentorship is considered essential for competency. Trainees will have the opportunity to discuss with the mentor the various personal and professional issues that come up during SMART delivery.

At least 10 hours of mentorship will be provided to review:

o   Facilitation of Discussions & Inquiry: dyads and group

o   Delivery of Activities and didactic information

o   Choice points

o   The guidance of mindfulness practices

Upcoming Courses

3-Day smartEducation Foundations 16-410-01

Start: Saturday, July 9, 2016
Facilitator(s): Heidi Bornstein
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