MBSR Facilitation Mentorship

Novice MBSR facilitators often require ongoing mentorship for issues that arise during the MBSR group process. In addition, they may have questions or want help around being a facilitator and some common challenges.  

Mentoring is considered essential for competency.  Students will have the opportunity to discuss with the mentor the various personal & professional issues that come up during MBSR delivery.

Mentorship may be:

  • In group – the student assists or co-facilitates a group with the mentor
  • In person – the mentor is not present for the MBSR group, but mentorship generally takes place in person
  • At a distance – the mentor is not present for the MBSR group, and mentorship sessions generally take place by phone or video call.
  • For other than in-group mentorship, the student will be required to make audio recordings of the MBSR sessions for review by the mentor. It is imperative that you gain consent from group participants for this recording.

The student is responsible for finding an approved MBSR mentor that is available and agrees to mentor them, and entering into a mentoring agreement with them.

Fee: $200 – this the administrative fee only. The student will make payments for the mentor’s time directly to the mentor. Mentors generally charge between $130 and $180 per hour. 
Payment, cancellation and refund policies

Timing: Completion of at least 22 hours of mentorship with an approved MBSR mentor during your teaching or assisting of two 8-week MBSR courses.

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